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Stop feeling overwhelmed by data and start using it to its full potential, to create an agile and forward-looking strategy that enables customer-centric marketing, builds your brand and develops product strategies. Featuring examples from a range of organizations including Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz, it shows how to create a strategy which leverages consumer data for customer-centric marketing, establishes the ROI of channels and campaigns, strengthens brands and creates data-driven product strategies. The latest book from Thoughtlight founder Christina Inge is your clear and jargon-free guide to creating a future-focused and data-powered marketing strategy.

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Partners and Members

MSIG had a great experience with Thoughtlight. We came to them quite late in a project, looking for a Hail Mary pass. Attendance at an event we were planning was floundering and the website had no real SEO. They managed both the project and very difficult partner personalities very well. They reformatted the website, implemented an SEO strategy, and executed in under 4 weeks. We experienced a 50% increase in attendance in that 4-week period. While we know SEO and careful content creation from Thoughtlight was not the only culprit, it helped immensely. We have engaged Thoughtlight for an additional, similar project on a larger scale this year. Christina and her team are positive, professional, and have a great deal of knowledge and experience to impart. I am so glad we found them.

– Ellen Saksen Director of Marketing MEMS & Sensors Industry Group February 22, 2017

Thoughtlight took the time to truly understand our industry, and craft a program that 100% fit our particular needs. They worked with us as a partner, rather than just a vendor. We are very pleased.

– Bob Frazier The Center for Digital Arts February 22, 2017

Christina is absolutely amazing to work with. She can easily grasp a new concept and derive a strategy that can position a new product in the best manner. I worked with Christina on creating a workshop series for Impact Hub Boston. She was extremely helpful in helping me structure the event series and was very quick in creating materials and designing a strategy that helped us reach our target audience promptly. In about a month after starting, we were already getting 70 registrants.

– Bozhanka Vitanova Co Founder Yunus&Youth February 22, 2017

I really enjoyed working with you and your team, as a one-stop-shop who helped us launch our site, design strategies on how to capture the most relevant audience groups, engage influencers, create blog and social media contents as well as manage a growing email database. Lots of diverse talent and specialties in your team. Would definitely recommend Thoughtlight to companies who are looking to launch a B to C business.

– Debbie Hidajat COO 222 Fifth February 22, 2017

Christina sat down with me, really took the time to understand my goals, and translated my materials into a really interactive, fun, online course that students loved and that I loved teaching.

– Jarred Haas Instructor Wentworth Institute of Technology February 22, 2017

We were looking to kickstart our SEO and blog as part of our growth strategy. The Thoughtlight team took the time to understand our business goals, and translated them into a spot-on SEO strategy and blogging roadmap that generated results. Results and an education! We highly recommend!

– Andrew Penziner Motivity Video February 22, 2017

Christina helped me build a world literature course that was visually appealing and easily navigable. Also, she inserted a variety of interactive assessments to vary the student experience. The key for me was the ease by which students could navigate through the course materials.

– Alex Salachi Wentworth Institute of Technology February 23, 2017

“My online class came out great. It looks great, and the Thoughtlight team translated my class perfectly into an effective hybrid course. I couldn’t be more pleased. The whole team was responsive and thoughtful to work with”

– Michael Grigelevich Assistant Professor Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology November 7, 2017

Christina and the Thoughtlight team has provided us with amazing and efficient digital marketing services. They truly cared about the success of our marketing objectives and goals. For every step of the way, Christina sat down with us and made sure that we understood every possible solution that could benefit us. The Thoughtlight team has deep knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, web development, and social media advertising. We really appreciate their transparent, thoughtful, and highly technical approach.

– Carrie O’Laughlin Director of Marketing Carrie O'Laughlin February 13, 2019

Our Customers and Partners