06 Jun 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Reach Gen-Z Consumers

We've read a lot in the past decade about marketing to Millennials. Although they continue to be a key customer segment, Generation Z is coming to the fore as a critical market, as well. What is crucial moving forward is how you appeal to Generation Z, or Gen-Z, consumers. The Gen-Z crowd, born after 1996 and on the cusp of full adulthood, will demand a significant portion of your target market before long. Any digital marketer worth their money will help you strategize an effective marketing campaign that includes successful Gen-Z reach.

We’ve reviewed some of the latest trends and consumer behaviors about Gen-Z. Here are 5 digital marketing strategies to boost your company’s reach to Gen-Z customers and grow brand recognition for your products and services.

Strong Social Reputation

It should come as no surprise that Generation Z is on social media, a LOT. Whether it’s reviewing their Twitter feed for the latest trending news, posting images of their latest apparel choices on Instagram, or scanning YouTube for videos from subscribed influencers, there’s not a lot of social space that is not already dominated by their presence.

Therefore, your business needs to be on point on the mainstream social media channels. That means ideating the kind of story you want to tell online that communicates your brand’s value. Some basic questions: do you have an Instagram account? Do you have a Facebook business page? Are there videos of your products on YouTube? What are people saying about you online? What are they not saying about you online? Do you share fun, entertaining visuals related to your industry?

If you’re not on social media and actively so, engaging with customers and clients, your marketing effectiveness will be stuck under a virtual ceiling. Keep your customer base on a growth trajectory by implementing multiple social channels to engage your customer with the right content.

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Mobile Friendliness

Based on multiple stats, Generation Z is glued to their smartphone. They have grown up around the iPhone and the Android. They’ve learned how to download and use apps before they could drive a car. As an easy piggyback off of what we’ve shared about the importance of social media, mobile friendliness can make or break the level of engagement Gen Z customers have with your business.

No, we’re not asking you to create a function app for iOS and Android users. That may not be right at this moment for you. But it does mean you should evaluate both your website, and depending on your business, your eCommerce platform. Does your website make use of responsive design? Is your content easy to navigate? Do you provide clear CTAs (or Calls to Action) in your online messaging?

More than ever, Generation Z is leading the charge away from the traditional one-way advertising that dominated yesterday’s marketing success. What can you do to create a mobile-friendly environment? The choices you make here have the potential to promote engagement and create a positive brand reputation.

Influencer Driven

Generation Z is much more savvy than Millenials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers when it comes to evaluating online content. Because their environment is one of constant information overload, they crowdsource every potential content that shows up on their screens. In light of this, your ability to use real people to drive conversations with your customer is key.

The rise of the Instagram Influencer alludes to this powerful marketing channel. Think about the types of products and services found in your industry. Start to research who are some key celebrities, podcast hosts, product critics, subject-matter experts, comedians, or social activists that make regular mention of them on a regular basis. If your business is especially under the radar, you can still create an effective influencer-driven marketing strategy by targeting individuals with slightly smaller followings.

Because Gen Z places a premium on peer reviews and opinions, you will need to validate your business on their terms. By taking stock of who would be best to partner with you as your brand advocates, you’re speaking Gen Z’s language and maximizing your marketing efforts.

It’s All about the Experience

Simon Sinek is famous for sharing, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” This is even more true for Generation Z. They expect the Wow factor wherever they go.

What does this mean for you? Don’t necessarily start with the technical highlights or even the financial discount you want to offer. Gen Z knows all too well about spam email messages and will often raise their guard about unusual special offers and incentives. Think about how your customer is likely to arrive on your landing pages. Help them see how your business creates an opportunity for them to become united to a greater cause. Because of their high participation in social activism, Generation Z is looking for companies who share similar values. Make clear the values your business stands for in your messaging.

If you communicate an uplifting experience that Gen Z can easily share on social media, you will gain greater traction. So be authentic. Immerse them in a way that leaves a powerful impression.

Don’t Neglect your Email Marketing

This might actually surprise you, but Generation Z still uses email regularly. They depend on this channel for personal communication. Even though Gen-Z spends a significant majority of their time on social media, it just so happens they check their email inbox multiple times a day and expect regular updates from their favorite brands. Email marketing is still very much alive.

What are some best practices for email marketing campaigns that target Generation Z?

Be honest and upfront from the start. Make sure there is no deception in your messaging that alludes to hyperbolic selling. Be straight to the point and personalize as much as possible. Be conscious of the frequency in which you are sending emails, so that your Gen Z customer’s needs are first. Share tidbits about the social causes your business supports. Create helpful visuals of the experience they get to be a part of as your customer.

Demonstrate value that is quick to digest and minimally frequent. Review your email copy as much as you need, to ensure you’re not turning off Generation Z with the language or structure. As you do all this, you will grab their attention in the marketing channel where your competitors are most likely to overlook.

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In Conclusion…

Generation Z is on the rise, and they will be your customer before long. So embrace the social media channels, adapt to a mobile friendly environment, partner with influencers, create engaging and unifying experiences, and polish your email practices. As you become mindful of their personal needs and preferences, you lay a strong foundation for growth and brand loyalty for the future.

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