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16 Jul Does Your Email Marketing Reflect Your Brand?

Imagine traveling abroad and finding yourself in need of pain medication. You go to the store and start your search through the many unknown brands displayed on the shelves, but then you find your preferred brand. What a relief! You know you will feel better soon. You know this brand very well; you would recognize it anywhere in the world!

Branding is a powerful tool. Your brand communicates to your customers or other businesses who you are, who you want to be, how people perceive you to be, and what you’re able to do for them. It is what makes you different and unique. 

There are many different channels and ways to communicate your brand to consumers. It is very important that all channels such as email, social media, company website, etc. communicate the same message in relation to your brand and transmit the same sentiment to consumers. Your company logo, messaging, tone of voice, design, and colors–all of these pieces need to be consistent in all marketing channels in order to create a strong and memorable presence with consumers.

One of the most important and cost effective marketing channels to communicate your brand to customers is email. According to the Salesforce “State of the Connected Customer” report of 2018, 73% of customers prefer to use email to communicate with companies. Very often, email is viewed as an automated task or a medium to focus solely on sales. With this in mind, many businesses forget to include email as a way to strengthen brand presence with consumers.

How can you communicate your brand through email?

  • Personality and Tone 

Your email campaigns should sound like “You”. You want customers to recognize your voice and values through your email messaging. Communicating differently through email will make your customers feel as if your brand is not consistent or trustworthy. For instance, if your brand’s tone of voice on your website is formal, your emails should read with the same tone of voice.

  • Email Design

Email design should reflect your brand. The company logo, fonts, and colors need to be consistent with your brand. It is possible to be creative with your email campaigns without compromising your brand presence by making sure fundamental elements stay the same on your email templates.

  • Reinforce Brand Values

An excellent way to do this is writing welcome and thank you emails to subscribers. Use these emails to reinforce the message of what your brand stands for, personalize these emails and communicate on an emotional level with the consumer. Reinforce the brand values and solutions you offer for the customer’s needs. Validate your customer trust by being genuine and reminding your customers why they chose you.

 Taking into account these steps when creating your email campaign strategy will give you a foundation to start establishing your brand through email. However, what will really give you a competitive advantage will be consistency, knowledge, and maintenance. At Thoughtlight, we are experts at supporting our clients to establish brand presence not only through email, but also through all marketing channels. We provide a service that strengthens our client’s brand presence and builds loyalty with consumers leading to company growth and prosperity. 


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