05 May A New and Successful Event – Project Management Camp 2017

It’s only been a few weeks since we had our well-anticipated event, Project Management Camp! For those who don’t know - this was our first conference with a complete focus on Project Management. As a team at Thoughtlight, we often have several things on our plate and we need to be organized with our different projects. So what better way to stay on task than to listen to the advice and experiences of local PM experts.

What is A Project Management Camp?

This was a user-led conference, with out main goal to help fellow project managers become more effective in their practices while giving them the opportunity to connect and network throughout the day. We were able to welcome speakers that talked about individual development and team leadership, while covering topics such as Scrum, the GTD Methodology, and other traditional project management methods and systems that can help you stay on track and make progress in your business. A Our fantastic and well-respected speakers also come from a varied set of backgrounds. Some are professional coaches

This was also a full day event, and we were happy to see that our attendees really took advantage of the whole day of learning and networking. The sessions were interactive and at times the room was filled with conversation and even laughter. Talk about a great session! All of this really helped us fulfill our goal of having this be a collaborative “un-conference” environment and an event that everyone could learn from.

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