07 Jul Here’s A List Of 5 Things You Should Not Do In Social Media Marketing

Have you ever come across a company’s social media platform that was too stagnagant, or robotic? Many companies find it difficult to keep up with social media while staying consistent. Although social media is extremely important for your brand, and could drive your business to greater success, it can feel like a lot of work. We here at Thoughlight understand how overwhelming social media marketing can be. Therefore, we've come up with a cheat sheet of 5 things that any business should not do when it comes to their social media marketing. With this list, you have the power to let your unique voice shine through while looking like a social media pro.

#1. Don’t market to everyone and ANYONE

Knowing your target marketing is extremely important. Narrowing down who you are targeting allows for more precise and effective marketing.

#2. Don’t ignore your negative feedback

Negative feedback, provides you with the opportunity to work on aspects about your brand, product, and services that did not work out. Ignoring negative feedback, creates a wall between you and your consumers which leads to failure.

#3. Don’t be faceless

Have a human touch. People like people so make sure to connect with consumers on a genuine and personal level. Social media is a platform designed for people to connect with one another. Therefore, when businesses are responding to consumers comments they need to make sure that it is personal to the consumer in order to create a valuable connection.

#4. Don’t be stagnate

Stay consistent. With any business, projects and other aspects of work can get very overwhelming. Although, in order to be successful, businesses need to be consistent with their posts on all social media platforms. Creating a social media plan or strategy may be very helpful for those who find themselves becoming very inconsistent with their content.

#5 Don’t SPAM

Spamming your consumers social media feeds with loads of repetitive advertisements can lead to getting your account blocked. Instead, post content consistently but reasonably. Produce quality posts that encourage your consumers to interact and engage in.

At the end of the day, social media is very important. Remember, that social media is designed for us to communicate and build relationships with our consumers. The next time, you take a look at your business’s social media platforms keep these aspects in mind!

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