Bring back the feel of real

Your next virtual event can do
what your in-person events have done

  • Create Connection

    Network more like you do in the real world, with the ability to connect to multiple groups, exchange contact information, and have real conversations.

  • Build community

    Follow up easily with prospects and find that perfect balance between interaction and getting your message across with presentation and networking built right in.

  • Engage auidiences

    Virtual can be a great way to grow your business. Download our ebook now with tips on how to make virtual events more engaging and build bridges to when we can meet in person again.

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    Current online events can overwhelm attendees-and presenters-with a chaotic array of screen after screen of faces in boxes. Who's where? Who was talking?

    We're bringing back the human feel to online events.

    When attendees log in, it looks like a room. People sit at virtual tables of 4-6 people. The small group, face-to-face interaction will make virtual networking feel almost like the real thing-minus the handshakes. Meanwhile, event hosts can easily present slides and video, even distribute handouts. Your virtual event attendees will feel like they're right there with you.High-quality audio and video make it feel more real, helping you and attendees build new relationships. In your online event, everyone gets a front-row seat.


    Get your events back on track. Make them

    • Powerful
    • Personal
    • Productive
    • Fun
    You bring the content.
    We'll handle the tech.
    Pierce Forward Marketing Group
    is your way to bring back the feel of real.
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