Create a curriculum that goes straight to the core of your learning objectives with Thoughtlight’s Instructional Design programs.

For professionals in higher education and business, Thoughtlight provides comprehensive instructional design assistance that streamlines the course creation process and inspires insight for students.

Our Instructional Design programs begin with a one-on-one consultation either in-person or virtually to determine the course objectives and teaching guidelines which must be considered.

The Thoughtlight team will work closely with you to curate content, inside and outside supporting material and lesson plans that will help you to effectively relay the course’s core topics.
Depending on the needs of your organization, we can create original educational content that fits the needs of your virtual or physical classroom. We are experienced at creating educational materials including powerpoints, syllabi, curated reading assignments and lecture outlines.

Thoughlight’s industry experts are specialized in designing courses across industries including curricula in technology, biology, marketing, business and more. Whether you need design assistance on a one-time webinar or a semester-long, intensive course at an institution of higher education, Thoughtlight is available to meet your instructional design needs.