07 Jul Three Ways a Digital Marketing Consultant can Help You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re in the year 2020. All things are digital now, which means almost everyone is using a mobile device to connect to the world. The internet is king. What does this mean for your business? A good business has a solid marketing strategy, but it now needs to include a strong digital marketing game. You’re probably thinking, “Duh, of course!” However, that’s easier said than done. Figuring out an effective digital marketing strategy can stump even the most competent business owner. We propose three ways a digital marketing consultant can help your business when it comes to this.

1. They help make sense of your marketing analytics. 

How do you know if your marketing efforts are achieving positive returns for your business? A digital marketing consultant can use various analytics tools to assess your marketing goals. Depending on the audience you’re trying to reach, you will be monitoring which marketing channels would be most effective. Unless you’re a whiz with data, a digital marketing consultant can explain the numbers to you and suggest directions for improvement. Also, you will need to know which metrics matter to you or your boss. Do you care most about email signups via online forms? What about clicks on your social ads? Or are you concerned about shopping cart abandonment rates? It can be hard to determine which metrics are appropriate. That is where a digital marketing consultant can be a great ROI in filtering your data for the most beneficial information.

2. They bring fresh ideas on engaging current customers and attracting new customers.

Even the most creative in-house marketing teams can get into a rut. If you’re having trouble keeping your customer base, that’s something that needs immediate intervention. Who better than an outside digital marketing consultant? Take advantage of their outside services in order for your business to stay relevant and valuable to your clients. A consultant will provide a fresh pair of eyes, a different problem-solving approach, and some expert advice. They can offer content ideas or optimize your brand’s appeal through web design and paid advertising.  In addition to preserving your established customer base, a digital marketing consultant can also help you reach new customers effectively. This could mean getting visibility on a social network you’ve never used, or enhancing your responsiveness to online customer inquiries. By tapping into their insights on new avenues for promotion, your business can benefit from more customers.

3. They can help define the right messaging for your brand

It has never been more difficult to maintain an effective brand. With highly-accessible and higher-speed technologies, your customers will be quick to love you or hate you. They have expectations you must be able to meet beyond just your product or service. Therefore, you must be careful about your content, your culture, and your community partnerships. All this is driven by digital marketing. A digital marketing consultant can help you define your value proposition, the why of what you do, and what makes your business attractive, engaging, and delightful to your customers. These conversations are ongoing, requiring your constant re-evaluation based on rising market trends, changing customer preferences, and current economic climates. By using the services of a skilled digital marketing consultant, you’ll be proceeding with both appropriate caution and advertising that promotes your company’s mission and values.

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