03 Mar Working with MCAN for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Just a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to co-sponsor the 30th Annual Local Environmental Action Conference. This event is put on by a well-known organization in our community - the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN). MCAN is a non-profit organization that works to fight the climate crisis, and has several smaller chapters in different areas.

30th Annual Local Environmental Action Conference 2017

This was a great event that allowed local leaders, environmental advocates, and experts from all across New England to come together as a community. Attendees were there to learn and get inspired about how they can play a role in MCAN’s mission for local climate action and awareness.

Here at Thoughtlight, we are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to use our skills to help others. Whether it is building social media or reaching out to new customers for a client, we want our work to be efficient and effective. We couldn't be more proud to co-sponser the 30th Annual Local Environmental Action Conference by  MCAN and help create awareness on issues important to MCAN such as clean energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

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